Documents Required for Shop & Establishment Registration

For ProprietorsFor Partnership Firm For LLPFor Private Limited Company
Aadhar CardPartners Aadhar cardPartners Aadhar cardDirectors Aadhar card
Pan CardPartners Pan CardPartners Pan CardDirectors Photo
Proprietor Passport size PhotoPartners PhotoPartners PhotoCertificate of Incorporation
Photo of Outside board of shop/OfficeParnership DeedCertificate of IncorporationCompany MOA
POB Address proof (Electricity Bill/Rent Agreement)Photo of Outside board of shop/OfficeLLP AgreementPhoto of Outside board of shop/Office
Residential Address Proof(Aadhar Card/ Electricity Bill)POB Address proof (Electricity Bill/Rent Agreement)Photo of Outside board of shop/OfficePOB Address Proof (Electricity Bill/Rent Agreement)
-Partners Residential Address Proof (Aadhar Card/ Electricity Bill)POB Address proof (Electricity Bill/Rent Agreement)Directors Residential Address proof (Aadhar Card/ Electricity Bill)
--Partners Residential Address Proof (Aadhar Card/ Electricity Bill)-

Shops & Establishment Act Process


You need to send in PAN cards, identity and address proofs of the proprietor/partners/directors. Details of your employees also need to be submitted.


We will file the application with the issuing authority, the local Municipal Corporation. You will not need to meet the authorities at any point. We will handle the process for you.


Within 5 to 7 working days, we will give you a basic acknowledgement. If the documents are not in order or the inspector asks for additional documents, the process will be completed as soon as you submit the additional documents. The hard copy is issued within 10 days in major cities, but would take 15 to 20 days elsewhere.

Shop & Establishment FAQs

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