Car insurance is a platform where you register a new car policy or renew your existing policy by comparing and differentiating amongst the best companies in India. We help you to select, customize and decide your car insurance policy with ease.

Car insurance is as important as fuel and driving license while driving a car on road. It's a legal requirement for a car which insures your life and your car if any damage occurs due to an accident. It is the best way to protect your life against unexpected and unfortunate eventualities. You can customize your car insurance according your preference and can drive your car worry free.

Process to apply Car Insurance

FinzKart is the best way to select, customize and buy car insurance as we provide various benefits like continuous customer care service and discounts on your selected policy. You can register your car insurance policy from us by just following few easy steps and get best customized car insurance online according to your preference. If you are confused, also helps you to decide and plan or customize your car insurance policy with adds-on cover which suits your needs.


  • Provide a copy of your RC
  • Provide us with details about your car
  • Select your car policy type
  • No Claim Bonus Percentage
  • And get your car policy registered